how to organize a 7 slot golf bag

how to organize a 7 slot golf bag
how to organize a 7 slot golf bag

Organizing a 7 slot golf bag can be a little more challenging, as you have fewer slots to work with. Here are some steps you can follow to organize your bag:

  1. Start with the larger pockets: As with a 15 slot golf bag, start by organizing the larger pockets in your 7 slot golf bag. Use these pockets for items you won’t need to access frequently, such as extra clothes or rain gear.
  2. Organize your woods and drivers: In a 7 slot golf bag, you’ll likely only have one or two slots for your woods and drivers. Place your driver in the top slot, followed by your fairway woods or hybrids in the next slot down. This will keep your longer clubs easily accessible.
  3. Sort your irons: Sort your irons by number, starting with your lowest-numbered iron and working up to your highest-numbered iron. You may want to group your irons by type, such as wedges, mid-irons, and long irons, or by brand if you have clubs from multiple manufacturers. Place your irons in the remaining slots in your bag.
  4. Organize your putter: Most 7 slot golf bags have a separate slot for your putter. If your bag doesn’t have a separate putter slot, you can place it in one of the longer slots in your bag. This will keep your putter easily accessible and separate from your other clubs.
  5. Fill in the remaining slots: If you have any additional clubs or accessories, such as a pitching wedge or a rangefinder, place them in the remaining slots in your bag.

By following these steps, you can organize your 7 slot golf bag in a way that maximizes the limited space you have available.


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